Facebook Marketing Experts

A Ui + Visual Design rebirth for a program dedicated to small businesses.


Client: Facebook

Focus: Design lead, Creative strategy, User-interface design, Visual design, Stakeholder management, Digital marketing, Corporate branding

Tools: Sketch, Invision (lightweight prototyping), Project management, Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator)

Facebook Marketing Experts is a service catered towards small-medium businesses who use Facebook (Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc) to reach their audience.

Created a scalable design framework, updating user-interface + visual design across Facebook Business touch-points (landing pages, sign-up forms, e-mail templates, etc) to ensure a seamless end-user experience for business owner consumers.

Led a small design team consisting of a Ui / UX designer & a visual + motion-graphics designers to produce internal tools & visual communication. Experimented with illustrations, photography, UX prototyping, etc.

Defined design processes for key stakeholders to ensure creative execution & marketing objects are feasible. Refined Facebook Marketing Experts as a more trustworthy consumer brand that small-medium businesses users could rely on for their digital marketing campaigns.

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Design Lead: Matthew Lee

UX Designer: Simon Peng

Visual Designer: Serena Jorif

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