Merged Reality

Intel's take on a fully immersive, virtual reality experience.


Client: Intel

Focus: User-interface design, Visual design, Photo-composite

Tools: Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator), three.js (JavaScript 3D library)

Designed an immersive web-experience showcasing Intel's take on virtual reality.

Worked closely with creative lead, web-developer & creative technologists on conceptualizing the web-experience to match the aesthetic teaser-trailer for a seamless user-experience.

As the teaser trailer played, the user can pause & toggle left (representing the current state of VR) & right (the future goals of what Intel intends on doing to positively impact VR). At the end of the trailer, the user can rotate 360 for the summary overview.

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Creative Director: Eli Carrico

Creative Technologist / Web-Developer: Adam Trimble

User-Interface Designer: Matthew Lee

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