Digital + Broadcast branding.


Client: Oxygen (TV Channel) + NBCUniversal

Studio: ModOp (formerly Eyeball)

Focus: Motion-graphics design

Tools: Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator, Photoshop, After effects)

Worked closely with creative directors, motion-graphics animators & producers on repositioning Oxygen from an exclusively broadcast identity into the digital realm.

Designed story-board sequences for TV interstitials, show-time bumpers, streaming tablet intro animations and visual / user-interface design for landing page application of newly defined design guidelines.

Explored print-inspired layouts on digital screen aspect ratios. Guided motion-graphics animators on translating story-board sequences into seamless movement.

Stress-tested color combinations to ensure colors worked across both laptop & broadcast screens.

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Creative Director: Kinda Akash + Alex Moulton

Motion-Graphics Animator: Danny Kamhaji

Motion-Graphics Designer: Matthew Lee

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